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Author Topic: wing chun kung fu instructional video downloads  (Read 2818 times)
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Hi , I would like to let everyone know that I now have a new web site where you can  download wing chun step by step lessons and learn from the comfort of your own home , the lessons where produced to help people who where wanting to learn the Art
but could not find a school in there local area , they have received nothing but positive comments which makes it all the more worth while  Smiley I currently have a total of six available the first four are aimed at the complete beginner covering stance formation correct foot work kicking and punching techniques ect... and the whole wing chun first form Siu Lim Tau and its practical applications ,video download number five covers the second form Chum Kiu plus its practical applications ( over one hour running time ) and video number six which has just been added to the series is wing chun third form Biu Tze the thrusting fingers form this also covers the form in detail and its practical applications plus added bonus material , I am hoping to do a seventh video in the future that will cover the 116 wing chun wooden dummy techniques and applications  Smiley videos can be downloaded from my new site at [/b]

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