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 on: June 11, 2017, 10:17:15 PM 
Started by Murray - Last post by Kamps
Yes there is a Yip Man (Donnie Yen) action figure with wooden dummy and feather duster

See the Hydromax X30 thing.

Cool, I need to get one of these!

 on: November 24, 2015, 09:28:04 PM 
Started by shifucrane - Last post by shifucrane
Hi Guys,

We have just launched a series of "White Crane Gongfu Online" services if anyone may be interested:

We will also soon add a selection of Rare Chinese Martial & Cultural books.

 on: October 18, 2014, 09:00:26 AM 
Started by pilotherm14 - Last post by pilotherm14
Its the first video of a series of 5 that ill be putting out in the next few years.

 on: August 15, 2014, 08:17:26 AM 
Started by speed8821 - Last post by speed8821
Hello. I was wondering if the instructional videos "Original Wing Chun by Ip Chun" and "Wing Chun Pure & Simple by James Sinclair" are good for my knowledge of Wing Chun?

 on: August 14, 2014, 11:15:26 AM 
Started by pilotherm14 - Last post by pilotherm14
Performing Siu Nim Tao on top of broken tree that is over a swamp pit. Shot with GoPro  Grin

 on: August 14, 2014, 11:12:44 AM 
Started by pilotherm14 - Last post by pilotherm14
Performing 1st form over swamp pit on top of broken tree. Check it out

 on: July 02, 2014, 03:41:35 AM 
Started by gafnet - Last post by gafnet
Yoga and meditation improves the mind and soul. Both Yoga and meditation are the integral part of Indian culture. While Yoga inculcates a healthy and fit body, meditation prepares the mind to be healthy. Meditation instigates positive thoughts and refreshes the mind. There are many instructors training individuals in yoga & meditation. Meditation drastically improves the mind and thought process. Yoga and meditation are becoming the part of urban lives. It is possible to relax the mind using yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation is a great way to start the day. Practising Yoga and meditation regularly is an ideal method to cope with stress. There are many patrons for Yoga and meditation. The earlier generations vouch by Yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation are popular with those who practise it regularly. However, many people are not aware of the benefits of Yoga and meditation. There is lack of awareness about it. Many people who are conscious about their health and fitness practise Yoga and meditation regularly. There are many celebs who practise Yoga and meditation to stay fit. There is an influx of fans following the trends that celebs have set. Yoga is practised initially and meditation ensue yoga. There are plenty of benefits in practising Yoga and meditation. It improves the mind and rejuvenates the body and soul. There are many retreats and centers that propagate Yoga and meditation.

 on: August 14, 2013, 07:42:17 AM 
Started by sifujohnagar - Last post by sifujohnagar
Hi , I would like to let everyone know that I now have a new web site where you can  download wing chun step by step lessons and learn from the comfort of your own home , the lessons where produced to help people who where wanting to learn the Art
but could not find a school in there local area , they have received nothing but positive comments which makes it all the more worth while  Smiley I currently have a total of six available the first four are aimed at the complete beginner covering stance formation correct foot work kicking and punching techniques ect... and the whole wing chun first form Siu Lim Tau and its practical applications ,video download number five covers the second form Chum Kiu plus its practical applications ( over one hour running time ) and video number six which has just been added to the series is wing chun third form Biu Tze the thrusting fingers form this also covers the form in detail and its practical applications plus added bonus material , I am hoping to do a seventh video in the future that will cover the 116 wing chun wooden dummy techniques and applications  Smiley videos can be downloaded from my new site at [/b]

 on: August 06, 2013, 02:22:35 AM 
Started by sifujohnagar - Last post by sifujohnagar
Hi Everyone , I would like to Introduce my self as a new member of this wing chun forum , My name is John Agar I am a full time professional martial arts instructor from the northeast of England , I have been involved in the practice of Martial arts for over a period of 40 years starting in 1973 in the Japanese martial art wado ryu Karate , I trained in Karate until the end of 1974 up until my Instructor closed the club to leave the U.K. and start a new life for himself in Japan ( hes still there  Smiley in the January 1975 after reading a Advert in a local news paper I decided to check out a new school that was opening only a few miles away , this was a Wing Chun school and was been taught by Sifu Alan Lamb who was at that time the first westerner to gain master status in  Hong Kong under Ip Man Student Master Ku Sang, I was hooked after my very first lesson and have been involved in wing chun ever since , I teach classes in the North East of England and also quite a few people privately on a one on one basis , I have wrote several articals on wing chun that have appeared in most martial Arts Magazines here in the U.K. , I have also produced a number of step by step wing Chun instructional downloadable videos that have helped many people around the world who are unable to attend regular classes , if you have any Questions with regard to wing chun that I maybe able to help you with I will be more than happy to try and help  Smiley

                                                                                                                                                                Best Regards

                                                                                                                                                                John Agar

 on: July 17, 2013, 07:35:46 PM 
Started by pnguyenn - Last post by pnguyenn
Check this video out Smiley!
Sifu Cliff Au Yeung - WSL Ving Tsun - Body Force Part 1

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